The Employee Health & Wellness Platform

Become a Value Creator and not just a service provider provides value creators such as you a platform to reach out to greater audience.

If you are Gym & Fitness, Yoga centre, Psychologist, Yogacharya, Dietician or a Clinician, click on the button below to get started. Platform is “The Employee Health & Wellness Platform”
The Platform is built for Employers, Employees & Value Creators


Pre-Configured with WeCare AtWorkprogram which is run all through the year. The program can be configured based on the organisational requirements. All of this can be run with OneClick service.


Providing the best in discounts, coupons & services when it comes to Health & Wellness for employees. Employees can download coupons and get to fitness centres with a click of a button.

Value Creators

The Platform depends on value creators to provide the best in class services, you as a value creator are responsible on the quality of service. The better you help employees perform, more the business you get. Preventive Health Checks Yoga Medications Gym & Fitness Doctor Consultations Wellness Mental Wellness Immunization Family Health Diet & Nutrition OBG/GYN Pediatrics & Child Care Cancer Screening Elderly Care Dental Health Platform Key Benefits

Increase Reach

  • Access a wider member in your area

Mission Driven

  • Access to the fastest growing employee health & wellness platform

New Members

  • Every business needs growth, partnering with will increase your reach to a wider targeted audience

What Our Partners Say

I am nutritionist, I add value by advising employees on how to manage their Diet & Nutrition

Shalini Chopra

I'm a Psychotherapist & a Yogini, platform gave me access to reach out to vast members and spread wellness​

Dr Asha Raj

I'm a Yogacharya, I now have vast members that I help manage their Health & Wellness

Manoj Rajput


Can an Individual / Freelancer Join the Platform?

If you are a qualified instructor in any of the wellness streams listed above or if you are a Clinician you can join the platform.


We are Clinic / Fitness Centre Can we Join?

We partner with Gym, Fitness, Yoga Centres & Clinics pan India. As part of the platform you will receive members welcome board which needs to be displayed at all your centres for members to scan their walk-ins and also to provide review & rating for every session

Who I do Reach Out to Report An Issue?

You can call on +919739677887 / +919739788778 or write to us at

How Is The Quality Controlled?

Every interaction where a value exchange happens is rated by member so that the best value creators are appreciated and rewarded.

How & When Do I/We Get Paid?

All payouts will be done monthly based on the usage.

Which Locations Does Provide Services?

We are adding more cities, to check if your city is covered please email us at